Making a living out of the misery of others is what almost EVERYONE does to survive in "The System". Between MAN and MAN, money is only the slave labour tokens of commercial values placed on the labour of EVERYONE producing commercial values traded in "The System" and the privileged middle men and women take a HUGE CUT out of the commercial values of everyone's slave labour tokens, causing immense misery because the commercial values are blatantly being diminished by middle men and women through the guile of their cunning manipulations to cause inflation and then recessions and depressions impacting commercial values which affects the standard of living of almost everyone living (surviving) in "The System" of middle men and women prospering from their systems of discrimination and censorship upheld by the law overseeing the status of the misery of others.

Engineering the manipulations of commercial values, the tokens of slave labour, is blatantly designed by those who prosper the most from the misery of others. Where did they not come, leaving their bibles (buy bull shit) and taking the land from tribal MAN on land, our ancestors, all across earth, and putting in place "The System" of commercial values overseen by the high priests, the middle men and women?

Today, everyone is working harder and harder for less and less and the essential tenets of true freedom are being seriously eroded because natural access to uncompromised land, shelter, water and food is beyond the commercial values of almost everyone accumulating slave labour tokens so they cannot prosper no matter how hard they work. All this is due to the HUGE CUTS taken by the exclusive, privileged (PROTECTED) middle men and women overseeing "The System" of making a living out of the misery of others.

To protect their privilege, the middle men and women have a vast network of intelligence agents intermingling amongst the slaves everywhere to both gather information of organised rebellions that will not benefit the outcomes of the agenda of the privileged, and to implement counter-"terrorism" campaigns to destroy any threat to the power (structures) where they benefit from the misery and misfortunes of others. The methods of their counter-intelligence are many and varied and there is not a minute going by when the commercial slaves are not being impacted by these campaigns of terror. 

To prosper from looking at what others have, to invade and dominate leading to displacing MAN from true freedom on the land strips away the full responsibility for everything MAN dreams, thinks, feels and does with land, food, water, shelter, family, community and the expansive domain of MAN'S tribal/village/community life amongst nature. It is the ongoing prosperity acquired from "The System" of covert and overt slavery by those who looked over the fence at what others had, plotting, invading, conquering and coveting all of MAN on land across earth and placing themselves, their bloodline families and all their willing brainwashed lackeys and servants as middle men and women keeping MAN displaced from land so they can continually prosper from the labour of all their captured (educated) slaves across the generations.

Everything of "The System" is this, cities, suburbs and all.

Nothing else is really going on but it is covered up by myriad distractions that stop everyone from facing what is really going on IN PLAIN SIGHT and having the strength, determination and power to do something about it, here and now IN THIS LIFE. Generation after generation, all remain as deeply broken down, educated slaves serving their slave masters, the middle men and women interceding between MAN on the land and MAN on the land and everything of nature in-between.

No matter what the good hearted sentiments, intentions, aspirations and actions of those in "The System" may be, the effort of everything they do is poured back into "The System" and nothing changes generation after generation after generation - the middle men and women remain completely in control and slavery continues rolling along. All the slaves are still answerable to (underneath) another (middle) MAN and thus real freedom still does not exist. For example, Christians have been saved by Jesus and everything has now been prearranged by their saviour in their eternal after life all-the-while they remain as commercial slaves for the whole of their lives, completely subservient as apathetic, obedient, in denial of the fact that they are still slaves in Caesar's world, "The System", fighting to protect their commercial standings in honour of their worship of their slave masters, the middle men and women.  

The psyops of these "System" methods maintain tribal MAN'S displacement from land and it's the commercial driven slaves looking over the fence at what others have got commercially that leads to chaos, repression, depression, suicide, loneliness, emptiness, anger, rage, jealousy, greed, selfishness, doubt, uncertainty, fear, complacency, rape, pillage, plunder, violence, crimes, social unrest, wars, fantasy, illusion, delusion, apathy and denial all across earth which keeps the middle men and women in power. In this case, the Christians are directly supporting the destructive e-motions of this displacement playing out. These types of psyops are consistently being played out in "The System". 

The remedy that stops all harm doing can only be found before MAN was displaced from land but this means confronting the education of "The System" where the self-obsession of the e-go and its destructive e-motions are derived. The "security" of their slave tokens allow them to be drifting loners in a crowd, each able to rent or buy their "own" space where they can continue to play out the self obsession of their destructive e-go's without ever being confronted about their destructive patterns that are adding to the earth wide destruction and devastation of reality as they continue to deny the true freedom and peace of the undefined good heart 

Who is prepared to give up everything that maintains this displacement - to stop MAN being a slave labour token traded in the stock market of commercial values, "The System"?

Only in "The System" where innocent children are being raised in "The System" do we see these grown up men and women surviving mediocrity and scarcity and righteously arguing for the perpetuation of scarcity and mediocrity, that is everyday life for all educated slaves bonded to/in "The System". The magnificence of undefined nature that is the undefined living soul of MAN'S living (live in the) dream of life has NOTHING to do with surviving scarcity and mediocrity because they are living, creating and expanding the dream of magnificence they already are - abundance flourishes always for them - they are truly selfless.

Raised in the educated garden of "The System" of alphabet production, everything going on inside the brainwashed (educated) heads of men and women has only occurred since the invasion of the middle men. None of it exists naturally to be experienced directly in/with nature, and all of it is designed to keep the slaves trapped in a locked in time and space prison of pure fantasy, with no way out of "The System" of slavery. There is only the evolution of more fantasy designed by these middle men and women to tantalise, seduce, distract, mesmerise and encourage the building of dreams from these fantasies so the educated slaves never escape from the clutches of the middle men and women, all-the-while trading their commercial values so they can continue being extensively taxed, charged, billed, leased, mortgaged and fined by their slave masters. This severe abuse will continue in a cashless (debt/credit free) economy based on quota. 

So broken down and locked into the fantasy are we that all we can do is continue to commercially use and abuse each other as we run the middle men and women's program of (our) e-go that we have learnt from our brainwashing into fantasy - the information of the self-obsession of the e-go being the only way we know to exist and the chaos procured from the destructive e-motion of the e-go maintains the middle men and women's status quo. 

Before the fall into pure fantasy, our original ancestors were in paradise, they had it all perfectly and yet they all fell into the fantorgasmic, destructive e-motions that became the e-volution of "The System". They had full access to the good heart and all their descendants had that too, including all of us today, and even though all the generations since the fall into imagining fantasy (definitions) being reality were dreaming for peace, calm, freedom, truth, abundance, joy, etc, none returned to paradise, and here we all still are, still deeply trapped in "The System" with no real confidence of completely getting out of this prison/slave system in this life. 

The Love For Kindom remedy, that includes the vast array of insights we've been sharing since 2005, shows clearly how to completely walk away from the deeply broken down slave mentality ("The System") IN THIS LIFE, and in doing so, through the MUD-ROOM of the Kindom dream, a) completely restore the undefined good heart as our greatest influence forevermore, b) ongoing access to the undefined good heart to never to be corrupted again, c) be creating and expanding a vast abundance of magnificence of life that's passed on to the generations to come, d) be inspired to constantly celebrate life is a gift and do no harm, and e) are adding and expanding to this magnificent, undefined living dream of MANS life so that e-go, and its destructive e-motions, the self obsession (what's in it for me, "my land", mine, mine, mine whatever, etc) are no longer appearing anywhere in MAN'S lives/focus/dreaming forevermore.